Turning a stagnant website into a Killer Conversion Tool

You have a great business website but you are frustrated it’s not giving you the results you are looking for?

Your Website Wizard has worked with hundreds of businesses, so we know how frustrating this situation can be. After all that time and effort that you have invested in your website you deserve to see a return on your investment, right?

We have seen the same 4 mistakes time and time again and we would like to share this with you so you don’t suffer the same fate so READ ON….

  1. Make your website mobile friendly

 According to Morgan Stanley Research, from 2014 global media and website use from mobile phones has overtaken desktop use. This highlights the fact that your website MUST be mobile friendly to be competitive and demonstrates the effect of technology on consumer decisions.


  1. Less Is More

A basic design is increasingly important for mobile users, who have a smaller display in which to view a website so design is crucial for this tool.

Keep pages to a minimum and convey your brand in a simple but effective approach.

  1. Add and update the content.

 The “About Us” page is often one of the most visited pages on any business website. This page should be updated with staff changes and relevant company details and awards etc.

Add a blog to your website covering relevant information to your target audience and relevant industry news – make sure to include relevant keywords in articles and include a link to your website and social media share.

  1. Contact Us

 Ensure your “contact us” page has current contact information and a contact us form.

Social media widgets should also appear on this form. You need to make it easy for your audience to contact you.

  1. Include a website teaser

Include a call to action on your website such as a newsletter sign up or a free download that generates email leads online.

Grow your email list easily with a sign up offer that will entice your target market.

There is no excuse not to have a killer website – it’s time to put these tips into action!

Visit Your Website Wizard to you raise your website performance and get the results you want with a killer website that stands out from the crowd.





Turning a stagnant website into a Killer Conversion Tool