Turn Your Business Into A Client Attraction Magnet!

Your Website Wizard follows fail proof business marketing strategies. In this article we share with you our 6 top online marketing strategies that deliver results….

  1. Build relationships with email marketing – it’s all about the bond!

Create automated emails at scheduled points of the sale process

Send automated emails to customers at particular stages of the sale process.

  • Initial inquiry
  • Purchase point
  • Post purchase evaluation
  • 6-12 months later

Remind the customer about your brand and encourage them to buy. Try not to be too sales oriented in your correspondence. Provide your target market with information that they will find useful. Build a relationship with your customers and prospects.

  1. Send Out A Monthly Newsletter

Send out a monthly newsletter with relevant information and industry news, upcoming events, sales etc. Include testimonials and recommendations and referral schemes etc. Have an opt-in box on your website for newsletter sign up to attract online leads. Share the newsletter on your social media sites. Add competitions and give your prospects and customers reasons to become loyal customers.

  1. Include a Blog on Your Website

Add articles to your website with content that would interest your target market.

Search engines favour relevant and updated content. Also, if you have some great blogs you can turn these into newsletters you can automate this process with a feature called RSS to email (this feature automatically posts your blogs into a newsletter and then sends it out to your database).

Building relationships online is often an area that many businesses don’t focus on. These days with so much business being conducted on the internet, many businesses invest in social media to generate social chat due to the lack of human interaction.

  1. Encourage communication with your website visitors

Add a webchat function to your website to encourage real time conversation with consumers that may consider buying from you. A web chat tool allows online immediate discussion and has an inbuilt email function if an operator is not available so you can attract online leads 24 hours a day.


  1. Survey Your Customers – They Have Feelings Too!

Make sure to survey your customers and prospects online. Ask them what their wants and needs are  – straight from the horse’s mouth. Your Website Wizard uses This is a basic online survey tool that has free and paid memberships.

  1. Reward Your Best Customers

It is only human nature to want and encourage others to like you. Reward your loyal customers and strengthen and build the relationship you have. Have you heard of the saying 20% of your customers make up 80% of your sales?

You can also reward customers with prizes and competitions.

Remember this saying – “without your customers your business is nothing” in other words don’t take your customers for granted.
Maree Hamilton
Your Website Wizard

Turn Your Business Into A Client Attraction Magnet!