How many website visitors have you had this month? How many clicks have converted to sales?

If your website is not performing, you must look at your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) keywords. SEO is essential to improving your search engine rankings.

With more people shopping online, developing an online presence that stands out from your competitors is an essential part of operating a successful business. Having a professional website that represents your brand is a necessity. What is the use of having a website that your target market is not attracted to?

When customers search for your products and services in a search engine such as google, you ideally want your site to appear on the first page. Most consumers surfing the web only ever look at the first couple of pages, so if your site isn’t visible the reality is that most people are never going to visit your site.

Just think of the internet as a global fight. Every business wants to have their website seen first. The higher your search engine ranking, the closer you are to the top of your keyword search, the higher the chances are that more consumers will visit your website. The more traffic you get; the more chance you have to convert leads into sales.

Search Engine Optimisation should be at the top of your marketing plan.

Your Website Wizard educates clients on the following important areas of SEO and how they improve your search rankings:

  • Social Media posting and content
  • Video content and keywords
  • Keyword Rich Articles
  • Local SEO rankings
  • Google Places
  • Google’s Adword Keyword Tool
  • Targeted adword campaigns
  • Website back links
  • Add social sharing to your articles
  • Add inbound links to your blog posts
  • Include a unique keyword title tag on each page of your website

Most importantly, make it a priority to constantly research your keywords and update your site and article content regularly.


How many website visitors have you had this month? How many clicks have converted to sales?